Things for December 2014

This is the list of things to do in December 2014.

  • Study with JT and Dad everyday
  • Do math and proper English everyday
  • Study history and science
  • Write book about my autism
  • Do grammar everyday
  • Do homework everyday
  • Do exercise class
  • Lose weight
  • Get JT to try to eat fruits and vegetables
  • Get something for Christmas
  • Treat and care for old people, older people and senior citizens


This is the beginning page of the GED (General Education Development) portion of our learning project. We will begin on Monday studying for the GED exam. I've never been to college. I used to be in home school when I was child.

I am studying so that I can go to college in the future.


Autism Issues

Mom and Dad went to La Mesa, California to discuss autism with parents of autistic children. It is a monthly meeting except there is another meeting next Tuesday when a psychologist will be there to help any parents that may need help. For instance, there is an autistic child who was born in Iraq and has only been in the United States for two weeks.

The boy cries constantly and only stops when he is asleep. He only sleeps occasionally and for very short periods of time. This exhausts his parents and they are at their wits end.


Photography class Term 1 Ends

The term 1 of photography class is over. Class 2 in January 2015. Need to bring pictures of the holidays to the first class for viewing not critiquing.

The KidPix and pc pics description are almost complete with the help of my Dad. These pictures include fan arts of Opus from Bloom County.


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