Portfolio (My Projects)

This section has information about the projects I'm working on, including announcements about the projects.

This is a list of projects that I've been working on.

Current projects


  • The Robot Man (40% complete, in progress )
  • Courage (40% complete, in progress)
  • Space Quest (in progress)
  • Bebop (Proposed)
  • Shock (Proposed)


  • GED, Educational and Lesson Projects (In progress)
  • US Highway System for Google Earth (In progress, on hold)


These are the stories that I have made since they are stuck to my head.


Courage is a story project since 2008. The project will be known as Fortitude as a working title. Originally proposed as a crime movie, Courage will become a science fiction project. This project inspires with Red Badge of Courage, a war novel by Stephen Crane, and the Wizard of Oz, a children's novel by L. Frank Baum.

Robot Man

Robot Man is a story project that has been around since 2003. Cyborg will be a working title for the project. The project will be inspired by The Six Million Dollar Man, Terminator and RoboCop.

Space Quest

Space Quest is a story project since 2014.


Shock is my story project since 2022. Set in 1955 in Boston, a man possessed by a electrokinesis after experimental accident at the warehouse at the harbor.

Miscellaneous projects

There a few projects besides this these story projects.

  • Legosville
  • Lego X-78
  • Lego X-77
  • Testsat for Orbiter simulator (Made with Anim8or.)

Proposed Projects

These are the projects that I have been proposed.

  • Confidential Space Project (Space Quest) - A proposed project will be working as a web comic series. This project will be known as Space Quest, a science fiction space western project, inspiring similar of Star Trek and Lost in Space.

Courage (Fortitude)

Robot Man (Cyborg)

Space Quest (Star Quest)

U.S. Highway System