" The How To" on using a Drupal site

This will be an article about how to use and administer a Drupal site.

Downloading and installing Drupal

  1. Download Drupal from the official site.
  2. Extract Drupal to your ftp server.


Please note, if you're logged in to the Drupal site:

  1. Click on add content on the left side bar.
  2. Create a new content like article, basic page, link or book page.
  3. Create article, select text format like filtered HTML,  full HTML or plain text.
  4. Add tags when you want to describe something.
  5. Upload any images if you want add them in your article, but do not upload any copyrighted images without permission.
  6. Add menu settings if you want to provide a menu link.
  7. Add book outline to parent item.

If you don't understand Drupal, you can ask questions at the forum from Drupal's website, or you can remove Drupal from the folder and server.

Drupal icon

The image of the Drupal icon is from the official Drupal site.


Courage (Fortitude)

Robot Man (Cyborg)

Space Quest (Star Quest)

U.S. Highway System