This is the page about grammar. This will be how to write complete sentences and learn about the different parts of a sentence.


  • A noun is the thing the sentence is about.
  • A verb is the action word that the noun of sentence is performing.
  • In the sentence "John is walking", John is the noun and "is walking" is the verb.
  • In the sentence "Bill is talking to Sally", Bill is the noun, Sally is the noun, "is talking" is the verb.
  • Tam is a wife and mother, Tam is the noun, "is" is the verb.
  • John Monroe is a husband and father, Monroe is the noun, and "is" is the verb.
  • The car is running. In this sentence "running" is the verb, "car" is the noun.
  • The train runs, train is the noun, run is the action word, run is the verb.
  • A horse is running on a farm. Horse and farm are nouns. Running is a verb.

A complete sentence always has a noun and verb. Incomplete sentences can be missing either the noun or the verb.

Examples of incomplete sentences:

  • Running
  • Walking around the house
  • Walking to the store
  • Bill and Sally
  • John and Tam
  • Rolling down the hill
  • Farmhouse
  • Dollhouse
  • Cat


A paragraphs is group of sentences that relate to one idea. Paragraphs should have every sentence related to the same thing and no sentences that are not related to the main idea.

Examples of bad paragraphs:

  • Plants are green sometimes if they are watered frequently. The rug is green.
  • The house has been kept in a clean condition. The car is blue.
  • The road is long. The house is blue.

These are bad paragraphs because the sentences included in the paragraphs do not relate to the same thing.

Examples of good paragraphs:

  • Plants are green sometimes if they are watered frequently. Therefore you should water your plants often.
  • The house has been kept in a clean condition. It is very nice to look at.
  • The road is long. It leads to my friends house.

These are good paragraphs each sentences relates to the main idea. Paragraphs should be in logical order. For instance you might want to order a paragraph from least important item to most important item.

For example:

  • Don't use chemicals without using gloves. Gloves are very important to keep hands safe from burns.
  • Blonds are valued in our culture. Intelligence should be valued more than hair color.

These paragraphs from least important item to most important item. That is the that paragraphs should be ordered.

Active And Passive voice

The active voice is when somebody is doing something:

  • The man drove to work.
  • The boy threw the ball.
  • The car rolled downed the street.

The passive voice is when something is being done:

  • The man was driven to work.
  • The ball was being thrown by the boy.
  • The car was rolling down the street.

Parallel and Non-parallel structure

Examples of parallel sentences:

  • They enjoy hiking,swimming and fishing.
  • He enjoys reading, hiking and watching television.

Examples of non-parallel sentences:

  • They enjoy hiking, swimming, and to fish.
  • He enjoys reading, hiking, and to watch television.

Rules for using commas

  • Commas with coordinating conjunctions
  • Commas with independent clauses


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