Frequently asked questions

These are the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about John John 98. These include questions, guidelines, disclaimer, copyright and trademark information and among other things.

Q: What is this named site after?

A: The site is named after my nickname combined with the year 98. I liked the Windows 98 OS and decided to use that year as part of my handle on the web.

Q: When did you start a website?

A: The site was started in 2004 and I originally used Hotdog HTML editor to create the HTML pages. I now use Drupal 7 and the in-built WYSISYG Editor to create content. 

Q: What is CAPTCHA? Why do you use it on your site?

A: CAPTCHA is a way that websites try to keep spammers from filling up the site with sales ads and malware links. When a user logins they are asked to answer a question that would be hard for an automated robot to answer. CAPTCHA is used on this site to prevent spammers from filling up the comments section for each article.

Q: Why did you give away the ending for Star Trek/Star Wars/Other movie or show in one of your articles.

A: I like to share the information I've found so consider this a SPOILER WARNING for pages on the site. Here is some more information about Spoilers

A spoiler is an information to tell people about the TV shows, Movies, Games, that reveals the plot, premise, or overview events. Sometimes it ends with a twist or cliffhanger endings. In some instances the following articles may contain spoilers that would reveal more about the topic than the reader wants to know. Continued reading may spoil your experience of the show, movie or game if you continue reading.

John T. Harpster a.k.a. JJ98

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