About us

Greetings! I am a longtime Legomaster, plus a gamer. I was born in 1990 in San Diego, California. For those who are wondering about John John 98 Productions, it is not related to any Windows 98® website, it's a personal site with information about things that I'm interested in. I came up with the name John John 98 for the year 1998 and it is for the operating system Windows 98®.

John John 98 Productions is based in Lakeside, California where I'm currently living. I first started a website in 2002 about the Lego models I built. I started the legosville.net site in 2002 with help from my Mom. I changed its name to Citiesville.net in 2008, in order to avoid trademark infringement with the Lego Group, then finally renamed my Lego site to Bricksville.net in 2009.

I started this site for  John John 98 productions in 2004 as jj98.org and John John 98. I work on projects and reference articles for my website. I have published and written some good articles about the television shows, toys, games, media, that can be found in my Page Reference section of my website.

I'm not that good at PC games, but sometimes I play once in while. I like to play Orbiter and Sim City. I used to build Lego models but haven't done that in a long time. I've made some videos for YouTube but they aren't that good a quality right now. I  welcome any feedback or constructive criticism. I have a lot of things I need to improve, like my spelling, and my gaming and I keep practicing.  I have posted videos on YouTube but because of the negative feedback I have set the pages to private.

Here is the gear I use for my projects.


  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Dell Precision 3431 Desktop Small Form Factor with Intel Core i7 and Nvida Quadra P600
  • Dell Precision 3541 Laptop Moble Workstation with Intel Core i7 and Nvida Quadra P600
  • Microsoft Surface Go
  • Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro
  • Sony Cybershot
  • Apple iPod Classic
  • Canon Pixma MX922 - Was used scan my photos and arts.

Game consoles

  • Nintendo Wii
  • PlayStation 2
  • Xbox 360


  • Inkscape - Was used to make SVG render.
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI - Was used to make graphics and edit photos.
  • Paint.NET - Was also used to make graphics and edit photos.
  • MangaStudio 5 - Was used to draw comics and graphics.
  • Fraps - Was also used for in-game recording but it sometimes lags itself and does not record any cut scenes of older or newer version games
  • DOSBox - Was used for older DOS programs and to play older DOS-based games and used for in-game recording as well.
  • Steam - Was used to play some of the Steam version games (once in while).
  • iTunes - Was used to play some of the music.
  • SonicFire Pro 5 - was used for edited music and videos.
  • Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12 - Was previously used for editing or recorded videos but has sound sync.
  • MLCad - was used for to make rendering of Legos and instructions.
  • VLC Media Player - Used for video test quality rendering or recorded sounds and taking screenshots.

I'm currently working with my Mom to get this site updated and cleaned up. I have autism and it gives me something to focus on and feel like I'm doing something that matters. Right now John John 98 Productions is not a company, it's just my place to post my ideas on the web. But maybe one of these days I'll create something that will help me make some money.

Thanks for reading,

John T. Harpster a.k.a. JJ98

Courage (Fortitude)

Robot Man (Cyborg)

Space Quest (Star Quest)

U.S. Highway System