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Slow Days, Real Life, No updates

Sorry for the long three years. I have not updated this site for awile. We been having slow days. I will get back updating this site with new pages. The new pages will be the U.S. Highway System for Google Earth as well as the confidential space project that I've been working on. I've been having real life issues, such as lessons which I am doing with dad right now.

Personal stuff

I tried to install my old version of Stop Motion Pro again but I get frustrated since it requires a newer version. I'm not going get it right now since it is too expensive. I've installed a version of Pinnacle Studio and Monkeyjam to do stop motion.

I've also installed MangaStudio since my mom suggested doing graphics and comics. I've added references on the How to Do Stop Motion page.

Grammar issues

My mom cleaned up my website and fixed some of the grammar issues. Sometimes my site has poor English and problems with communication. Many people don't understand me and the site. My dad will help with some of the grammar too.

My thoughts

Right now it's slow going on the site as I pull together things for my film projects. I'm working on a poster for one of my films. When I get it finished I will release it as a preview.

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