Courage is a story project which I possibly will be working on. This working title will be Fortitude. The project is currently on hold indefinitely. I’ll write a better summary about the project, as well as the emotions and other things associated with courage.

Originally, this was meant to be Lego crime film based on other crime dramas but has been changed into a science fiction movie. It was originally set to be released in the fall of 2009 after The Robot Man came out, but never happened.

It has nothing to do with other titles that are associated with Courage. This story will feature as science fiction genre. It will set as a main character Alex from France who will become Courage after an invasion of Los Angeles.


Set in the year 1978 in Los Angeles, a English student named Alex Banister who fought courage against an alien invasion in California, after a UFO crashed in the Mojave desert.


I'll write a better summary about the movie project, as well as the emotions and other things associated with courage.

The project was started back in 2008 when I got fascinated about the emotion as well the Wikipedia article of it since there is not Encyclopedia Britannica article on Courage. The word courage originates from its emotion as it old word in french. Courage translates fortitude in French.

There have been various titles that used courage as books and movies. The Red Badge of Courage, a novel by Stephen Crane was published in 1895. They mediocre user reviews on the Internet Movie Database.


This is a list of characters for the Courage story project

Main characters

The Bannister Family

  • Alex Henry Bannister – College Student, a man would become Courage, a symbol of the lion
    • Albert Thomas Bannister – Future Son, becomes born by Olivia after the end of the invasion in 1980
  • Gordon Bannister – Henry and Alex’s brother, doctor

Alex’s Parents

  • Henry Fleming Bannister – Alex’s father, English-French professor, founder of the Courage Institute, solider from World War II, named after Henry Fleming from Stephen Crane’s novel The Red Badge of Courage
  • Mary Theresa Bannister – Alex’s mother, wife of Henry Bannister, English doctor


  • Dr. Howard William Stein – Scientist, named after William H. Stein, leader of the Courage Institute
  • Olivia Mary Haviland – Female Reporter, future wife of Alex Bannister, named Olivia De Haviland (1916-2020)
  • Harry McGowan – Reporter
  • Robert Howard Taft – US General, military commander, named after lawyer Robert Alphonso Taft (1889-1953) and US President William Howard Taft (1857-1930)
  • Aryeh – Commander, leader of the Zion race, meaning lion in Hebrew
  • Archangel Uriel – Archangel, healer, meaning god is my light in Hebrew


  • Dr. Frederick Allen Borman - Scientist, expelled student, responsible for the alien invasion
  • Lord Gideon – Alien captain, leader of the Gideon race

Minor characters

  • Dr. Rose Bergman – PHD, Scientist


Models for the Courage movie will be in the future as the work is in progress.


  • The project is not associated with Courage International, a religious organization based in Connecticut.
  • The project is not associated with other titles besides Courage.

Courage (Fortitude)

Robot Man (Cyborg)

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