Things for November 2014

This is the list of things to do in November 2014.

  • We have to finish our photography class Wednesday
  • Dad's birthday on November 24
  • Sign up for exercise class for Saturday
  • Draw some more images with Paint Shop Pro
  • Start creative projects on my site (along with Creative Commons license)
  • Learn Spanish and Portuguese
  • Do grammar with Dad everyday, learn proper English
  • Eat fruits and vegetables everyday, no meat, no sweet foods and fast food
  • Drink water only, no beverages and sodas
  • Help out with my parents, earn money from work
  • Lose weight, exercise everyday, don't stay on the computer too long to surf the web
  • Support gay rights, and also Democrats and libertarians
  • Fight global warming and climate change, respect and protect the environment
  • Reduce spam

There are also midterms coming up in the United States, if you're living outside the US, you can't vote. I want to possibly vote for libertarian or democrat.