Robot Man | Characters

These are the characters for The Robot Man.


Benedetti Family

  • David Mario Benedetti – FBI Agent – Person who becomes Cyborg
    • Timothy David Benedetti – Son of David Benedetti
  • Shirley Jones Benedetti – Benedetti’s wife

David’s Parents

  • Antonio Rossellino Benedetti – Father of David Benedetti, founder of the Cybernetics Research Institute
  • Maria Cristina Benedetti – Wife of Antonio, Mother of David Benedetti

Recurring characters

  • Jack Snyder – FBI Agent
  • Dr. Karl Franz Zach – President of CyberTech, responsible of the development of the cyborg program
  • Dr. Sanford Buran
  • Dr.  Robert Berman – Fired employee


  • Corporal Robert Vance – U.S. Army sergeant 
  • Lieutenant Martin Floyd Robinson– U.S. Army, named after Marty Robbins (1925-1982)


  • Sandy – Someone disguised as Nurse

Courage (Fortitude)

Robot Man (Cyborg)

Space Quest (Star Quest)

U.S. Highway System