Things for October

This is the things for October.

This is the list of things:

  • Do grammar with dad a little bit
  • Complete description of KidPix gallery
  • Complete the script of the Robot Man
  • Continue going to photo class
  • Complete description of PC pics.
  • Find septic tank for our house

Real Life

This is the real life issues that I have. The issues with we have been going through such as adding description of images of the KidPix gallery. We haven't scanned through my  arts collection from the 90's yet.

It will be here in the future but not right now. We don't have a big scanner like my mom has at work.



This is about biking. I've have ridden a trolley to downtown San Diego, California with my bike. Then I get off the trolley and rode the bike around the airport thru Point Loma, San Diego river until I got bored. Then I get back on the trolley to Santee.

This is not the first time that I rode a trolley. I've ridden one to Old Town to see the historical sites like the Whaley House, the Old Courthouse, and the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant.


Photography class

Yesterday, dad and I went down to the Grossmont Adult School in El Cajon, California to sign up for photography class. We are going to bring our digital cameras. The class is about framing pictures so they will be attractive. The class will start on September 10th on Wednesday. The class will last until November 5th. It will take about three months.

I am nervous about it but I am looking forward to it. We're going to take our cameras, not the camcorders.


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