Photography class almost over

Its October and the photography class is almost over.

Last September I did a wet and dry photography class with dad. We included a wet and dry rock, and a wet and dry tree.

Then we did a shadows and silhouettes class. My mom helped me taking pictures including me on the treadmill and patio door and her with a cat (Kayla).

I haven't released photos on my gallery yet. I will release after a final photography class on November 5. Its not the last one but there will other classes besides photography class.

Photography class

Yesterday, dad and I went down to the Grossmont Adult School in El Cajon, California to sign up for photography class. We are going to bring our digital cameras. The class is about framing pictures so they will be attractive. The class will start on September 10th on Wednesday. The class will last until November 5th. It will take about three months.

I am nervous about it but I am looking forward to it. We're going to take our cameras, not the camcorders.

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