Script almost completed

Its been two or three months since I started the script of the Robot Man and it is almost compete. It took me awhile to get the script started with my mom, so I am going to add the characters section in the Robot Man page. I have been busy.

My mom suggested I eat vegetables every day instead of eating meat a lot. 

I am not that good at blogging.

Last year I got Lego guns from BrickArms, a combat shotgun and a combat knife from Amazon. I know Lego does not make small guns. They won't be adding guns anytime soon since it is too violent. Almost  four months ago, I saw a YouTube video of Greenpeace about Lego to end partnership with Shell since Shell plans to drill oil in the arctic. The drilling is not environmentally friendly (see the video here.) I'm not very happy with it so I've split the lego page from the references page.

I finished the how to guides for Drupal and DOSbox. Take care.