Dental work

Last time I went to the dentist, I had my tooth removed. I had surgery because the crown would not stay on. I got the tooth pulled on this visit. On the next few visits the doctor is going to put an implant to replace the old tooth. I had to get my tooth x-rayed before they could put in the implant.

Last July I went dancing and I was not too bad but I need to practice more so I took dancing lessons. I went to the Grossmont Adult School to learn about dance. I enjoy dancing sometimes. I go out with my parents sometimes when they go dancing.


Gallery added

This will be the last blog for July. It has been hard to upload media stuff, but my site now has the gallery module added. I've uploaded some of my Robot Man and Courage posters to the galleries. I did that years ago when I was teenager. I have been careful not to use copyrighted images on this site.


Anniversary blog

This is an anniversary blog. Its been ten years since I started this site. I started this site after my site, which was twelve years ago. This blog includes events like my projects and stuff. Before this it included my Lego projects like the X-77 and X-78.

Anyway, I'll be tweaking the links and the grammar sometimes with dad but I haven't done it yet. I know it sometimes gets confusing since I added separate pages for films, space, themes and the Lego page. Sometimes sites I link to die out. I don't like social media things on my blog.

Script almost completed

Its been two or three months since I started the script of the Robot Man and it is almost compete. It took me awhile to get the script started with my mom, so I am going to add the characters section in the Robot Man page. I have been busy.

My mom suggested I eat vegetables every day instead of eating meat a lot. 

I am not that good at blogging.



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