Things for November 2014

This is the list of things to do in November 2014.


Halloween 2014

This is Halloween 2014.

We live too far away from San Diego to get trick or treaters so Halloween is just another day for us. We have been living here for two years since we bought the new house in Lakeside, California, also known as Eucalyptus Hills, a community of San Diego County.

A week ago, Nana came by after a visit to uncle Dave in the state of Washington. Nana is mom's mother. Dad's parents are dead now.

Halloween is a yearly celebration every October 31. I haven't worn a costume since 2005.


Photography class almost over

Its October and the photography class is almost over.

Last September I did a wet and dry photography class with dad. We included a wet and dry rock, and a wet and dry tree.

Then we did a shadows and silhouettes class. My mom helped me taking pictures including me on the treadmill and patio door and her with a cat (Kayla).

I haven't released photos on my gallery yet. I will release after a final photography class on November 5. Its not the last one but there will other classes besides photography class.

Lego ends partnership with Shell

The toy maker company Lego has announced to end partnership with Shell following that YouTube video of it which promotes anti-climate change and pollution. Lego has ended partnership after pressure from Greenpeace.

The news is not that major. Still, I'm not very happy about it.

Here's a full source from The Guardian.



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