Bricksville website Under Construction

The website is under construction by turning into Lego reference website. The site will feature new models rendered in 3d from Ldraw software programs like POV-ray. The site will be completed after sometime in 2017. It feature real Lego sets that you don't have buy since they are expensive nowadays.

I will not have Lego content on my site.

Robot Man Script on Hiatus

The Robot Man script is in hiatus after a two year absence due real life stuff. I'm working my models and my map for the movie. My plan is to start filming next year after the script is completed.

The model will feature a robot and some of my models that I've made on my computer. I've been rewriting the script so that won't be a copycat of The Terminator and RoboCop.


Kala Kitty, 1999-2016

Kala the kitty, our family cat has passed away last October. Our cat was 17 years old. We adopted our cat in 2005 and she didn't like dogs and other cats. Kala was a carnivore. I miss her so much, I liked being around her. She made me feel comfortable.

I used to get upset with cat so much. She hissed at me all the time. The cat began to have problems since July when she had problems with eating and litterbox.

Our cat was put to sleep and was cremated.


Things to do for November 2016

This is a list of things to do for November 2016:

  • Finish improving this site without copying from other websites
  • Finish improving the site
  • Improve JT's grammar
  • Improve JT's photography
  • Cleanup misspellings and improve better
  • Help write Courage and Robot Man movie scripts
  • Help JT to educate
  • Write an essay
  • Post blogs everyday


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