Courage is a movie project. The project was started back in 2008 when I got interesting about courage on Google as well as the Wikipedia article about it. This working title will be Fortitude. The project is currently on hold indeflinly.

Originally, this was meant to be Lego crime film based on other crime dramas, but has been changed into a sci-fi film.  It was originally set to be released in the fall of 2009 after The Robot Man came out, but it never happened.

This project is not associated with Courage the Cowardly Dog, a Cartoon Network series created by John R. Dilworth.


Set in the year 1978 in Los Angeles, a English student named Alex Banister who fought courage against an alien invasion in California, after a UFO crashed in the Mojave desert.


This is a list of characters for the Courage movie.

  • Alex Banister – English College Student, a man would become Courage
  • Henry Banister – Alex’s father, professor
  • Elizabeth Banister – Alex’s mother, wife of Henry Banister
  • Dr. Allen Stein – Scientist
  • Dr. Ron Bergman – PHD, Scientist
  • Harry McGowan – Reporter
  • Sandra Lister – Female Reporter
  • Lord Gideon – Alien captain, leader of the Gideon race
  • Aryeh – Alien commander, leader of the Zion race


Models for the Courage movie will be here as soon as in progress.