Before Christmas 2014

This is the before Christmas blog. Before Christmas, we have to shop for Christmas presents and keep the house clean.

This is a list of stuff to do before Christmas:

  • Keep the house clean
  • Do grammar and math everyday with JT
  • Trim bushes and tree
  • Cut up the branches
  • Put the branches in the green bin.
  • Take out the green bin, recyclable and trash bins on every Wednesday
  • Shop for Christmas a little bit
  • Get Turkey or Ham for Christmas
  • Keep the site clean. Be careful not to upload any copyrighted images

Things to do Christmas day:

  • Get up
  • Eat breakfast
  • Open presents
  • Thank everyone who gave you a gift
  • Cleanup the paper and boxes from the Christmas gifts
  • Eat dinner
  • Go for a ride to see Christmas lights
  • Go to bed

Things to do after Christmas day:

  • Have fun with our presents
  • Go for another ride
  • Wait for new years
  • Get rid of the Christmas tree
  • Get rid of the boxes and trash from Christmas gifts
  • Make sure to spend time with Tam (Mom) because she will be off work

Things to do on New Years Eve:

  • Do not drive the car because there will be drunk drivers
  • Stay up until midnight to toast in the New Year
  • Eat breakfast
  • Eat lunch
  • Eat dinner
  • Go to bed