My thoughts

Right now it's slow going on the site as I pull together things for my film projects. I'm working on a poster for one of my films. When I get it finished I will release it as a preview.

Anyway, it's been about two weeks since I've posted my first blog page. Since that time I went to a ballgame with my dad. We watched the Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres play. I didn't like it as well because they play loud music. It can also be expensive going to the ballpark. The Padres are not doing very well this year. I don't think the Chicago Cubs will win the world series. I'm not a cubs fan. I root for the Cardinals.

I've also been reading about news around the world like global warming, deforestation, climate change, conflicts, and human space exploration to Mars. I've read about the space programs for the US, Russia, Europe and the Chinese.  Maybe one of these groups will get a space mission to Mars.

I know my dad (John M.) used to be a Yankees fan when he was kid. He liked Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris and Yogi Berra when he was growing up. The Yankees beat the Cincinnati Reds in 1961 and the San Francisco Giants in 1962, while the New York Mets had 40 wins and 120 losses. The Yankees lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1963 and the St. Louis Cardinals in 1964. I know my dad is still a Yankees fan and also a Padres fan. I'm not a Padres fan, and my dad is not a Mets fan, Red Sox fan or Phillies fan.  I'm pretty sure there are not many Mets fans across New York state. There are mostly Yankees fans.

I know my dad is not a trekkie and he does not care for Star Trek or William Shatner. My dad could have seen the original Star Wars film in which they had Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, but he doesn't like space type movies that much. Dad saw the Indiana Jones films  including the Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade.

I used to like gaming but I'm not into to gaming as much anymore. I played the new SimCity 5 single user version. It was okay but not that great.

My family went to the drive-in theater to see The Lego Movie. It was okay but I got bored towards the end.

I used to build Lego models but I'm not into legos as much anymore. I'm working on a film based on Lego characters. I'm working on the script and the concept art right now. My mom is helping me figure out how to write a script and how I can film it. I am looking at a stop motion film and I'm reading up on how to do that.

I am going to post my arts collection made with KidPix from 94 to 98 on this site sometime in the future. It will be awhile before I do that. Take care of yourself.